FeelYourSound ChordPotion

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FeelYourSound ChordPotion PC & MAC

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The ChordPotion MIDI sequencer and effect plug-in for PC + MacOS is your quickest way to create powerful and impressive harmonic phrases within seconds.
Improve your songs and arrangements with authentic and professional patterns that react to your chords. You can mix and combine different playing styles with each other to create your own unique recipes.

Do you already have some nice chords for your song?
Great! Because this is all you need to create impressive, captivating melodies and phrases from here.

Simply throw your chords at ChordPotion and use the intuitive interface to combine different playing styles with each other.

ChordPotion will generate new melodic phrases for you and play them on your favourite synths. You can also export the generated notes as standard MIDI files and edit them later on.

ChordPotion VST Plugin

Follow these steps to create new phrases at once:

Load ChordPotion into your DAW. ChordPotion operates as a MIDI VST or AU plug-in. It is compatible with Ableton Live, Bitwig, Cubase, Logic Pro X, and many others.
Connect ChordPotion to your favourite synths. You can also use the built-in piano sound module to preview the generated phrases.
Enter some chords in your DAW.
Now open ChordPotion and skip through the dozens of presets to get a feel for the different ways how ChordPotion can assist you.
Basically it works like this:
You build your own creations by mixing different rhythmic patterns with each other. You can also create and edit your own sequences.
Press play in your DAW. If you like what you hear, you can export the generated notes as standard MIDI files and edit them later on.

You can find the full manual here:

And here are some additional video tutorials:

You can download additional packages to enhance ChordPotion with other presets and playing styles:

Works with Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. 32 bit and 64 bit supported.

Works with macOS 10.9 and up. Universal Binary (Intel + M1).