Jay Cactus The Divine Bundle

Jay Cactus The Divine Bundle it’s PAID DOWNLOAD version for PC and Mac. For more information about product please read below and click BUY NOW button if it’s that what you exactly need.



Jay Cactus The Divine Bundle WAV MiDi FST Analog Lab Bank

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One-of-a-kind Drill Kit: The Divine Bundle was created with the sole purpose of taking your drill beats to new heights

10 Brand New Kits: Drums, loops, MIDIs, samples, violin phrases, vocal phrases, and an Analog Lab Preset Bank

700+ Premium Samples & Sounds: Carefully crafted to give your beats that professional edge

Drums & Percussion
What’s inside these game changing drum and perc kits?

Drill Drum Samples: Designed for modern UK and NY drill beats and used in all my recent beats and YouTube videos.

Pre-mixed Perfection: Each sound has been pre-mixed. Drag them in and start cooking up without any hassle.

Bonus Fills, Perc Repeats, and Hi-Hat MIDIs: Spice up your patterns, add more energy, and spark inspiration with these added extras.

Loops & One Shots
Expertly Crafted Drill Melodies & One-Shots.

Dark, Melodic, and Orchestral: Get ready to level up your beats with these exceptional drill melodies.

Key, BPM, and Stems: No more guessing games! Easily add drums, chop up melodies, or mix and match as you wish with all the details provided.

Wide Variety of Sounds: Pianos, strings, guitars, pads, vocals, and leads. Designed from scratch and recorded from live instruments for the ultimate quality.

MIDI Loops
Say Goodbye to Beat-Block Fam!

Instant Inspiration: Start cooking in seconds! Drag MIDI files into your session for a head start in every new project.

Authentic Drill Bounce: Get that perfect drill rhythm with pre-made hi-hat and counter snare MIDIs.

Violin & Vocal Phrases
Transform Your Drill Beats to a New Level.

20 Soprano Vocal Phrases: Recorded by a highly talented professional vocalist, these vocal phrases will take your drill beats to new heights.

Save Time, Money, and CPU: No need for overpriced VSTs! Download these vocal phrases at a fraction of the cost and drag them straight into your DAW.

Key, BPM, Dry & Wet Versions: Enjoy maximum flexibility and time-saving features with labeled violin phrases and vocal phrases. Plus, all sounds are 100% royalty-free!

Jay Cactus The Divine Bundle WAV MiDi FST Analog Lab Bank

— Drum Kit
— Percussion Kit
— One-Shot Kit
— Loop Kit
— Hi-Hat MIDI Kit
— 808 MIDI Kit
— Piano MIDI Kit
— Vocal Phrases
— Violin Phrases
— Analog Lab Bank