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GForce Minimonsta2 PC & MAC

GForce Minimonsta2 VST it’s PAID DOWNLOAD version for PC and Mac. For more information about product please read below and click BUY NOW button if it’s that what you exactly need.



Gforce Minimonsta2: A Virtual Synthesizer Plugin with a Powerful Sound Engine

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The Gforce Minimonsta2 is a virtual synthesizer plugin that faithfully emulates the classic Minimoog synthesizer. With its intuitive interface and versatile sound engine, this plugin is perfect for creating everything from warm analog leads to fat basslines and beyond.

One of the key features of the Gforce Minimonsta2 is its powerful oscillator section. With three oscillators, each offering a variety of waveforms and modulation options, you can create complex and evolving sounds with ease. And with the plugin’s extensive modulation matrix, you can take your sound design even further by modulating parameters such as filter cutoff, oscillator pitch, and more.

In addition to its powerful synthesis capabilities, the Gforce Minimonsta2 also includes a wide range of built-in effects. From classic analog-style distortion and chorus to modern digital delay and reverb, these effects allow you to add depth and character to your sounds right within the plugin.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the Gforce Minimonsta2 is its attention to detail. The plugin’s developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that it faithfully emulates the sound and behavior of the original Minimoog synthesizer, down to the smallest detail. From the filter’s famous ladder design to the way the envelopes respond, this plugin captures the essence of the Minimoog like no other.

So whether you’re a seasoned synth enthusiast or a beginner looking to explore the world of synthesis, the Gforce Minimonsta2 is an essential tool for your music production arsenal. With its powerful sound engine, intuitive interface, and faithful emulation of the classic Minimoog, this plugin is sure to inspire your creativity and take your music to the next level.

Add Depth and Character to Your Sounds with Gforce Minimonsta2’s Built-in Effects


a new fully resizable UI,
an improved audio engine,
a powerful new Preset Browser,
over 300 new presets,
a new Reverb effect,
a Vintage control for adding subtle analogue imperfections,
four programmable Macros,
selectable 4-stage envelopes,
an alternative bass-preserving ladder filter,
PWM for OSC1 and much more.
These powerful new features give Minimonsta2 an authentic experience that’s designed for the modern setup.


Minimonsta2 is a virtual instrument in the following formats:

Standalone Application
The Minimum System Requirements are as follows:

2GHz CPU with 2GB RAM
Windows 7 and above


Minimonsta2 is a virtual instrument in the following formats:

Intel & Apple Silicon Native.
Standalone Application
The Minimum System Requirements are as follows:

Intel or Apple Silicon Mac
macOS 10.13 or above