KXVI Elements of Trap

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KXVI Elements of Trap Bundle

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Introducing KXVI, the mastermind behind the groundbreaking “Elements of Trap” library. This innovative collection is designed to revolutionize trap music production by offering a diverse array of professionally recorded live instruments, providing a distinct edge to trap beats. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each sample in the library is 100% original and comes with royalty-free usage rights for online beat selling, ensuring hassle-free clearance for major placements.

In an industry where access to vocalists and session musicians can be prohibitively expensive, “Elements of Trap” fills a crucial gap by providing affordable access to high-quality live instruments, vocals, loops, drums, and more. With over 2,000 meticulously crafted samples at your fingertips, producers can effortlessly drag, drop, and adjust elements to create an endless array of fresh trap loops and beats.

What sets “Elements of Trap” apart is its commitment to authenticity and quality. Elevate your beats with real instrument sounds sourced from Grammy-winning vocalists, producers, and musicians, guaranteeing a level of sophistication and professionalism that sets your music apart from the crowd. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, “Elements of Trap” empowers you to unleash your creativity and take your music to new heights.

What’s inside:

– 150 Insane Trap loops with matching Bass Midi and Stems included at the end of each loop

– 200+ Hard Hitting Industry Level Drums, Percussion loops, Drum MIDI, ETC.

– 600+ Live phrase recordings of real instruments, including violin, flute, guitars, trumpet, piano, bells, synths, and more.

– 200+ One-shotsamples of various live instruments for creating unique trap samples from scratch.

– 300+ Trap Vocals

– 70 Analog Lab essential presets for crafting unique trap melodies.

– 175+ MIDI for crazy melodies with NO Music theory.

ATTENTION: IT’S NOT INCLUDED “The Art of Trap” Trap sample / beat making course

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