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KXVI Elements Of RnB Production Suite

KXVI Elements Of RnB Production Suite it’s PAID DOWNLOAD version. For more information about product please read below and click BUY NOW button if it’s that what you exactly need.



KXVI Elements Of RnB Production Suite

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The KXVI Elements Of RnB Production Suite is a collection of sounds and resources designed for R&B music production. While there is limited information available about the specific contents of this production suite, it appears to include various elements such as drum sounds, one-shots, textures, phrases, and possibly vocal samples.

Affordable access to vocalists and session musicians is a luxury most producers don’t have. That’s why we created ELEMENTS of RNB, a go-to library of professionally recorded vocals, real instruments, and more to give your music emotion.
Easily drag, drop, and adjust over 3,400+ samples to create an infinite amount of new RnB Samples and Beats.

100% ORIGINAL samples, Royalty Free for Online Beat Selling, and Painless clearance for Major Placements

Elevate your beats with real instrument sounds from Grammy-winning vocalists, Producers, and musicians.

ATTENTION: Please make sure you have enough space on disk because the bundle have 28GB after extract.

What will you get in total 28GB?

– KXVI x Messio After Hours Loop Kit
– KXVI x Messio Missed Calls Vocal Kit
– KXVI x Messio RnB Elements Starter Kit
– KXVI x Messio Sounds of RnB One Shot Kit
– KXVI Late Nights Drum Kit
– KXVI x Messio RnB MIDI Cheatcodes
– KXVI x Messio Midnight Sounds Analog Lab Bank
– BONUS – Messio – Divine Presets Bank
– Love Memoirs 1, 2, and 3 MP3 by Gabelucas



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